Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have questions, and you deserve honest answers. From our experience with clients, some of the most commonly asked questions are shown below:

  • It’s certainly possible to file a claim yourself, and there is plenty of guidance to be found online on how to do this.


    What our clients have told us, however, is that they come to Money Finders Agency because the process is often complex and time-consuming, and so they decide it’s more beneficial to retain experts to undertake the claim on their behalf.


    Whilst this eventually involves a fee, there is no upfront cost and we only get paid if you get paid. Our rates are competitive, linked only to the amount returned, and our professional experience greatly improves the likelihood of a successful claim. We get it right first time.

  • No. We are responsible for the costs of the recovery process, including obtaining all the necessary documentation, case preparation, court fees, and attorney fees should our Agency retain them.


    We only receive our fee if we are successful in recovering monies for our clients.

  • Every claim is different, which is why we offer a bespoke service. But once a claim is filed, it can typically take around 90 days for completion and for money to be returned.


    If you are dealing with a claim yourself, it can take much longer if there are any errors or omissions with the paperwork. Our expertise ensures all necessary documentation is obtained, rigorously reviewed, and the case presented in a format that the States and Courts require. This process results in a high success rate in recovering monies without any unnecessary delays.

  • It’s important you know who you are dealing with, and we encourage our prospective clients to check us out before engaging our services.


    We provide information About Us and Testimonials on our own website, but we are also a licensed Private Investigative Agency in the States of Florida and Virginia. You can verify our licenses in both states by clicking on the logos below.


    We are also an incorporated LLC which means our company records are public and we are accountable to the Division of Corporations in both states. Our CEO is also personally licensed as a Private Investigator.


    Our work requires no upfront payment and so engaging our services is completely risk-free.


  • The money is in the possession of the State’s unclaimed property office.
  • Money is only transferred to the State if a financial institution loses contact with their account holder. This could be through death, relationship breakdown, change of address, or other life events which separate the account holder from their money. After a period of time of not being able to contact an account holder, set by State law, a financial institution is legally obligated to send the money to the State for safe-keeping.
  • Typically, you will be paid by check sent directly from the State.
  • An agreed percentage is negotiated at the outset based on the complexity of the case.
  • Typically, the money will remain with the State until such time a successful claim is made.